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Analytics for Decision Making Certificate

Advance your career with the Analytics for Decision Making Certificate Program

A Capstone Certificate in Data Analytics for Decision Making from the University of Wisconsin-Madison gives you the analytics and communication skills you need to become a data-savvy, effective, and valuable manager. Reports show high market demand for skills in analytics across commercial, nonprofit, educational, government and other sectors, with 30+% or more job growth anticipated.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Analytics for Decision Making Capstone Certificate or “ADM”, teaches you what you need to know to develop as an analytics professional. ADM combines expertise from two highly ranked UW-Madison academic departments: the UW-Madison iSchool and the Communications Department.

In the ADM certificate, you will:

  • Formulate questions related to existing organizational goals and challenges, identify sources of data to answer those questions, and design and implement a data analysis plan to answer the questions.
  • Understand a range of data collection and analysis techniques and tools appropriate to organizational decision making and assessment, including data mining and visualizations.
  • Effectively communicate the rationale, results, and analysis of a data project across different types of media.
  • Articulate the value and limitations of data and analytics projects based on understanding of data quality, data availability, metadata functionality, and other data management issues.
  • The ADM certificate will accommodate both existing professionals whose expanding job responsibilities require a deeper understanding of analytics, and people new to analytics field seeking introductory skills.

    ADM: The Basics

    • 9 graduate credits
    • Entirely online- no travel to campus required to complete the program
    • 1 calendar year (spring, summer, fall)
    • $800 per credit: Scholarships available
    • Want more information? Email Program Coordinator Jenny Greiber at

    How ADM is Different

    Unlike other analytics educational opportunities, this online capstone certificate program gives you an elite credential in less time, for a lower overall cost and in an online format that allows you to complete the credential from anywhere while accommodating your current employment and family responsibilities.

    All credits you earn in ADM are University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate credits, and you can transfer them into masters programs, including masters programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

    How are your classes delivered? All classes are completely online and taught by experienced and engaged instructors from UW-Madison’s iSchool and Communications programs, combining knowledge and networks from both the information fields and communication fields.

    How long does it take? One calendar year (spring, summer, fall). You are part of a cohort of learners who complete activities and learn to work effectively as part of a team. You must successfully complete each course to earn your certificate.

    What will you learn? Analytics and communication skills to make effective, data-driven decisions you need to become a data-savvy, effective manager.

    How will you learn? Our program is high-tech and high-touch. You will develop research projects that address your organization’s current strategic goals, apply a range of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methodologies, develop better data management processes, and learn to communicate your findings effectively with your team.

    Why UW-Madison? We are a catalyst for the extraordinary, where students and faculty partake in a world-class education and solve real-world problems. Forbes and U.S. News & World Report have rated UW-Madison in the top 10 public universities in the United States, and we are also among the top 10 colleges producing the most Fortune 500 CEOs.

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