University of Wisconsin–Madison

Program Overview

What is Analytics for Decision Making all about?

The UW-Madison Analytics for Decision Making online capstone certificate (“ADM”) provides you a deeper understanding of data analytics.

How long does the ADM certificate take?

You can complete the certificate entirely online, within one calendar year, allowing for balance of your education, work and life. The certificate is composed of 3 classes of 15 weeks . The courses build off each other and reinforce your growing skills.

What skills will I gain from the ADM certificate?

In the ADM certificate, you will gain the skills and credentials you need to develop as a professional:

  • Students will master basic concepts in data mining and predictive analytics.
  • Students learn to plan and manage data projects.
  • Students can learn new methods to manage data in an organization.
  • Students can create effective data communications products using visualization tools.

Who is ADM Certificate for?

The ADM certificate will accommodate both existing managers whose expanding job responsibilities require a deeper understanding of data analytics, and people new to the data field seeking introductory skills in data analytics.

What are online classes like?

Our courses are high tech and high touch: As an ADM student, you join a cohort of motivated learners and move through the program together as a community. You will bond with your cohort members and work with them and with expert instructors, in all the certificate courses using the latest in collaboration, conferencing and project software.

Courses are structured into weekly modules with weekly due dates to help you stay on track while allowing for flexibility in getting the work done.

You will be supported throughout your time as an ADM student by a team of instructors, the ADM teaching assistant and the program coordinator. We will work with you to troubleshoot issues and keep you on track to certificate completion.

Where can I get more information about whether ADM is right for me?

Email Program Coordinator Jenny Greiber at to set up a personalized appointment to talk about the ADM certificate and you.