University of Wisconsin–Madison

Tuition and Costs

Program Cost

Program tuition is $800 per credit, payable at the beginning of each semester. Students are billed for courses in which they are enrolled each term. UW-Madison does not offer a lump sum payment plan.

The complete program costs $7,200 for everyone regardless of state residency.

Tuition Includes:

  • Technology costs for Internet course delivery
  • Live web conferencing
  • Toll-free telephone line for the audio portion of conference calls
  • Library use including a world class collection of digital journals and books and library services
  • Use of the web conferencing software for group project work for program courses

There are no distance learning fees, segregated fees or application fees.

Supplies:You will need to purchase books and some software for some courses, however you will be able to purchase the software at a heavily discounted UW student rate.

Loans and Aid

Loans: Capstone Certificate students are eligible for federal student loans but would need to take an additional 1-credit course.

Students are eligible to apply for private student loans to pay for the program.

Employer Tuition Assistance: Are you currently employed? Many employers provide tuition assistance benefits that can defray some or all the cost. We can help you find out if your employer has this benefit!

Scholarships: Scholarships may be available, especially for those working in non-profit or public sectors.

Email Program Coordinator Jenny Greiber at to set up a personalized appointment to talk about strategies to fund your Data Analytics for Decision Making certificate experience.